Pearl Jam are in studio working on a new album

Pearl Jam are back at work for their new album, the 11th of their career.
Photos by Alessandro De Vito.

Following our previous articles, we can now confirm that in these days the band is rehearsing in Seattle some new material for their new highly anticipated 11th album.

As for now there are no further details about the release date of the new Pear Jam album.

Meanwhile, Eddie will be playing at the Ohana Festival at the end of September and Mike McCready will be touring with his multimedia project Infinite Color and Sound (next dates are New York and Asbury park, NJ).


Winter’15 – While chatting with Pearl Jam fans on Twitter, the band manager confirmed that they haven’t recorded any new song even if the band members have been reported going into studio and working on some new material. Jeff Ament said that the band will sooner or later start to work on a new studio album.

Autumn ’16Pearl Jam start to work on new songs in their studio in Seattle.

April ’17 – While preparing for their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction performance, Pearl Jam keep on rehearsing their new material.

February ’18 – Pearl Jam keep on trying new material. The only released song is Can’t Deny Me. During the recordings of the song they also try some new instrumental pieces.

3.13.18 – Pearl Jam‘s new track from their forthcoming album on Monkeywrench/Republic Records is out now. Can’t Deny Me was co-produced by Pearl Jam and Brendan O’Brien. The track was recorded in Seattle last month.

5.4.18 – The last time that the band got together and did some writing, I was just finishing up this so there was a week or two where I was doing both. But I’m not sure where we’re at, I’m not sure where the band’s at” Jeff Ament

5.13.18 – The band needs a good solid six to eight weeks carved out where we’re just recording all these ideas that we have. That’s going to be really good, there’s a lot to be inspired by and a lot to be pissed off about” – Jeff Ament

5.21.18 – We have a bunch of stuff that’s sort of partly written. The new album it’s in a little bit of a limbo state right now. We still need to record it; we haven’t really recorded anything. But [there are] a lot of ideas. We’ve sort of been telling ourselves that we weren’t gonna put a ton of pressure on the situation. We really wanna make something great, and we wanna have the freedom to live with some of these ideas for a while and then maybe record them in a different way. We’re sort of exploring all sorts of different things right now. So I think it bodes well for whatever the next album is” – Jeff Ament

6.1.18 – Stone Gossard and Mike McCready have been interviewed by Seattle based Radio KISW, Stone revealed that during the last months Pearl Jam have been recording some ideas for new songs for the band and that they are still writing and recording songs for the new album which could be released in 2019. The new record will be completed only when Eddie Vedder will finish writing all the lyrics and will record his vocals. “I’d say that’s the hardest part, crossing the finish line with the vocals”. Gossard said there is no pressure over Eddie and that he will finish when he thinks it is the right time.

6.24.18 – During the Padua Pearl Jam concert , Eddie said: “We can’t wait to be back to play the new material we have been working on“.

9.4.18 – This is he last time we will be playing together for awhile. Next time will be in the studio” – Eddie Vedder

1.21.19 – Stone Gossard reported to Rolling Stone that he is ready to start writing a new album for Pearl Jam. “We’re going to make a record, and we’re in the middle of it,” the guitarist says. “We’re just going to keep plugging away until we get one done.”.“It would be fun to record or even just write a song together” Jeff added and also stated how hard it has been for the band to focus after Chris Cornell’s death.

3.15.19 – When we all get back together, I’m sure we’ll be creating again. But I don’t have any timeline on that right now” – Mike McCready

3.29.19 – “We’re writing songs for new record. We did our last record about 5 years ago. Hopefully we’re going to get that thing done soon. It’s been a bit, it’s been a little while. It’s the longest I think we’ve had between records. We’ve got a bunch of songs ready to go, and I think we’re going to get something cool this year. Hopefully it will be out, I don’t have a date on anything yet though” – Mike McCready

4.12.19 – Photographer and director Danny Clinch shared a link on Twitter about a charity auction for one of his 2013 Pearl Jam pictures that will be sold in favor of the Kristen Ann Carr Fund. The caption of the soon after deleted tweet was: “A Danny Clinch picture of Pearl Jam, signed two weeks ago by the band members in their recording studio in Seattle”. What everybody wants to know now is: what were they doing in their recording studio? Did they really start recording a new album? Only time will tell.

8.14.19Matt Cameron shares a picture through his Instagram account where he’s shown in his studio in Ballard, Seattle. Any chance he’s working on new music?
Source: IG theMattCameron

8.20.19 – When interviewed by, Kim Thayil affirmed that the posthumous Soundgarden album is stopped for now and that soon Matt Cameron will be working with Pearl Jam and will be therefore unavailable for a Soundgarden collaboration. The band doesn’t have any scheduled show yet, so this could legitimately mean that the drummer will be working on new material with the band for their – highly anticipated -11th album.

8.22.19 – Following our previous articles, we can now confirm that in these days the band is rehearsing in Seattle some new material for their new highly anticipated 11th album. As for now there are no further details about the release date of the new Pear Jam album.

9.19.19 – While being interviewed by SiriusXM Lithium, Mike McCready confirmed that the band has been writing songs in the last two years for the new album and that they are still working on new material. Few hours after this interview Mike appeared on FOX5NY adding that the band is writing new material but that at the moment there is no release date for the new album.