RUMORS: New Pearl Jam album should be out on Spring 2024, followed by a US & European tour

According to our sources there are news at Pearl Jam HQ regarding a new album and a tour.

Photo: Michael Ryan Kravetsky

The first single from the upcoming Pearl Jam’s new album should be out between the first half of November and the first half of December. The band’s 12th work, produced by Andrew Watt, should be released on February 21st 2024.

The first leg of the tour is rumored to start in May in the US, touching some East Coast states, then reaching Europe during the summer and hitting the West Coast next fall. Our sources, who got the chance to listen to the new single, said it sounds a lot like the band’s first records, a track that would fit into Vitalogy at the front end of the album, with some elements à la Riot Act.

Remember that nothing is confirmed until officially announced on the band’s site

UPDATE (10/06/2023 09:14AM): An official representative of the band informed us there is still no official release date for the new Pearl Jam album.