Record Store Day (Black Friday) 2018: Green River and Temple of the Dog

Among the releases of the Black Friday Edition of the Record Store Day 2018 happening on November 23rd there will be two interesting issues regarding Green River and Temple of the Dog.

For the Black Friday edition of the Record Store Day a limited edition of 1700 copies 7” single vinyl be released with the song Away in a Manger from Green River (originally published on Another Pyrrhic Victory, a compilation from C/Z Records in 1989) and Blue Christmas from U-Men a historical Seattle band active in the 80’s. The single artwork, coming out through Sub Pop has been created by Peter Bagge.

On the same day A&M will issue the Chris Cornell single When Bad Does Good in a limited edition of 5000 copies vinyl. On the B side the will be a Mother Love Bone cover, Stargazer, played by Temple of the Dog during the Seattle show of the reunion tour in 2016. Both songs will also be included in Chris Cornell, the posthumous box set in honor of the Soundgarden singer, coming out on November 16th.