Loosegroove Records: the upcoming releases from Stone Gossard’s label

Loosegroove Records, the label founded by Stone Gossard and Regan Hagar, has several releases scheduled for 2022.

Anticipated by the single On The Brink, Real Heart, the new Mason Jennings album, who we recently interviewed on our website, will be released on February 4th. During the first quarter of 2022, Brittany Davis’s debut album should also be released. The first single from the album should arrive on streaming platforms in January.

Both Mason and Brittany are also part of Painted Shield, with Stone Gossard and Matt Chamberlain. The band is engaged in the making of their second studio album which Loosegrove Records should release over the next year. Also in 2022, Brad‘s long-awaited final studio album could see the light of day. Brad were the side project of Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard along with the late Shawn Smith. Some unreleased songs from the band and several unfinished songs that the band intends to finish as soon as possible, should be part of the collection.

Below you can watch Mason Jennings’ On The Brink video.