Eddie Vedder talks about Stewart Copeland and his first solo album under the pseudonym Klark Kent

It was the Police drummer who shared a video of just over a minute where the Pearl Jam singer talks about the Klark Kent project.

It’s certainly no secret that Eddie Vedder is a fan of Stewart Copeland and the music recorded under the pseudonym Klark Kent.

In 1995, during Self Pollution Radio he broadcast Away From Home, the same Klark Kent track that the Pearl Jam singer played in 2012 during the only episode of his Eddie Vedder Radio Show. Now, on YouTube, a video is available where the singer talks about the importance that the music recorded by Copeland as Klark Kent had on his musical path.

BMG announces the November 17 release of a deluxe edition of Stewart Copeland’s Klark Kent, a new comprehensive collection available on 2LP, 2CD, and digital formats and now available for pre-order.

The remastered 1978 single, Too Kool to Kalypso, is now available in all the digital stores and streaming platform. Originally released as a 7” single, the track is one of the non-album original studio recordings that appear on the collection. Featuring newly remastered versions of all the original non-album singles, the full 1980 self-titled album, plus two previously unreleased studio recordings, Klark Kent showcases Copeland on all of the instruments and vocals. The CD and digital formats include 12 previously unreleased demo versions. The set includes the single Don’t Care, which hit the UK Top 50 chart in advance of any song by The Pollice.

The first solo project by a member of The Police, Klark Kent’s innovative music, released on Kryptone Records, began in 1978 as a series of sinlges amd culiminated in a 1980 self titled album recently reissued as a limited Record Store Day vinyl release. In 1995, Copeland released a compilation of his songs for Kollected Works.