The Earthlings, Eddie Vedder’s new live band

Eddie Vedder‘s new live band, The Earthlings debuted during the Ohana Festival.

Eddie Vedder’s new live band debuted during the Ohana festival, the south California festival he created.

They are called The Earthlings, a clear reference to Eddie Vedder’s upcoming new album titled Earthling. They played live for the first time on September 23rd on a private set for NET Jets employees. They then played with Vedder twice at the Ohana festival on September 24/25 (here you can find the setlists).

The Earthlings are formed by former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer (now a Pearl Jam touring band member) and producer Andrew Watt on guitars, Pino Palladino from the Who on bass, Glen Hansard on guitars and backing vocals and RHCP’s Chad Smith on drums .

The group also recorded Ed Vedder’s third solo album, Earthling, produced by Andrew Watt.