Stone Gossard: “I would love to write 50 songs a year with Eddie Vedder…”

Stone Gossard speaks to Kerrang about his musical relationship with Eddie Vedder.

Photo: Joyce Davidse

I write every song for Eddie, ultimately,” he says. “He’s my muse. I would love to write 50 songs a year with him, but it’s just not on the cards; it just doesn’t work like that for him. When he’s in a writing process, it’s different than it is for me. I can write all the time. The way Ed really operates, the way that he loves to get music, is for something that’s immediate for you coming in at a time when he’s ready to connect with it. He likes to be in the process with you. So, if I send him 30 ideas, it’s just too much information for him to manage; that’s just not how his brain works.