Quentin Tarantino: Pearl Jam & Nirvana’s love for Reservoir Dogs

Six years ago, Quentin Tarantino talked about Pearl Jam and Nirvana and how much the Seattle scene had in common with his film debut.

Photo: Lance Mercer

It has been rumored for years that Quentin Tarantino asked Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love to fill the roles of drug dealer Lance and his toxic wife Jody in Pulp Fiction.

Legend has it that the Nirvana singer and his wife, in order not to increase the rumors that portrayed them as a couple of addicts, refused the proposal and the roles were entrusted respectively to Eric Stoltz and Patricia Arquette. Nothing confirmed by the director, however.

What is certain is what Quentin Tarantino revealed in an interview with Australian radio Double J during the promotion of The Hateful Eight, his eighth movie.

There was an aspect of American independent cinema in general, and my movie, Reservoir Dogs, in particular, coincided with the grunge scene. We were kind of on parallel tracks. We were doing a new type of way to do a movie and music. People had got sick of the corporatised movies of the ’80s and the same with the corporatised music of the ’80s for music” says Tarantino. “The Seattle grunge bands of the day loved Reservoir Dogs” he continues, smiling. “Basically, I think it was a good tour bus movie, you could put the video up, and you could play it all the time, and everyone knew the dialogue. Pearl Jam loved the film, Nirvana loved the film, and Kurt Cobain loved the movie so much he thanked me on In Utero. I’m in the thank you’s, and I never met him”.

The trailer of Reservoir Dogs, the debut movie of Quentin Tarantino – the favorite filmmaker of PearlJamOnline.it staff – is available below.