Interview with Blue Leach, the filmmaker behind Pearl Jam’s Video Vaults

Luca from interviews Blue Leach, the director of latest Pearl Jam video vaults.

Blue Leach and his crew with Ed Vedder – 2014

With Blue we talked about his first meeting with Eddie Vedder, the feeling of working behind the scenes of Pearl Jam concerts and the first time he saw the band live, during Vs. tour.

Not only, we talked about his experiences with R.E.M, Peter Gabriel, Snow Patrol and many more. Enjoy.

Hi Blue and welcome to

Thank you and ciao.

Ciao. Blue, when did you think you wanted to be a filmmaker?

Well I knew from an early age, around 10 or 11 years old that I wanted to be a part of the marriage between music and television. During the first gig I ever attended at 14 years old I had a feeling which confirmed that I had to be involved creatively in live music somehow. The first gig was The Adicts, King Kurt and Anti Nowhere League at The Lyceum Ballroom in Leicester Square, London. Mad punk fun.

My first gig, back in 1994, was Pink Floyd, but The Adicts, King Kurt and Anti Nowhere League on the same line up: amazing! Talking about movies, what are your favorite directors and your favorite films and/or video concerts?

Michel Gondry – his music videos and their ethereal, childish, home made quality appeals to me as do his films. Coen Brothers, Armando Ianucci, films like The Big Lebowski and The Death of Stalin are beyond funny, and clever, I love the timing. Some of Spielberg’s films I love because they’re wonderfully escapist, ethereal – Close Encounters, Jaws. I like 1970’s America – Skateboarding, BMX, Moto-X – the colours and designs, texture all really do it for me. I liked the Spiderman Into The Spiderverse very much, seemed a perfect relationship between story and picture. I also like some horror movies including B and Gothic Horror because of their texture and scratchiness, darkness and wanting more information that can’t be seen because of how they’re lit, graded and edited. Taika Waititi – I liked Jojo Rabbit and the Ragnarok films he directed. Stanley Kubrick of course – Clockwork Orange and Dr. Strangelove, The Shining. Rob Zombie, he’s hella fun…