Neil Young plays live some Mirror Ball songs (the album he recorded with Pearl Jam in 1995)

You read it right: during his solo tour in the USA, The Loner played some songs he has not played for many years…

Neil Young’s Coastal Tour 2023 started last Friday 30th June after four years since the last tour. During some American shows he also played some songs from Mirror Ball, the album he recorded with Pearl Jam in 1995.

Among these, I’m The Ocean, the song he is using as opener for this tour, had not been played live since 1997, Song X (played last time in 1995) and Throw Your Hatred Down.

Recently, Young affirmed on his site NY Archives, that he would like to collaborate again in studio or on tour with Pearl Jam and he added that he heard they were “recording in studio right now in Seattle”.

A documentary about the concert Neil Young and Pearl Jam played at RDS Simmonscourt Pavilion in Dublin on August 26th 1995 could be soon released. The show, part of the 1995 Mirror Ball Tour, has been kept on hold for more than 20 years at the request of the record companies representing the artists involved, it was supposed to be published in 2018 but then it was postponed to a date yet to be set.

In conclusion, also the long awaited Mirror Ball vinyl reissue could finally see the light next year, as the sixth volume of the Neil Young Official Releases series.