Mason Jennings’ new album is produced by Stone Gossard and Regan Hagar

Mason Jennings‘ new album is produced by Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard and Brad’s drummer Regan Hagar.

Anticipated by the singles On The Brink and Tomorrow, Real Heart, the new Mason Jennings album, who we recently interviewed on our website, will be released on February 4th.

The album is produced by Stone Gossard & Regan Hagar and will be out on Loosegroove Records.

I’m very excited to be working with Loosegroove Records and to have had Regan Hagar and Stone Gossard produce this album. We made the unabashed folk record that I have been wanting to make for years. Kind of a love letter to the acoustic guitar and to musical intimacy. It was recorded in Minnesota and Seattle and features some rich and wonderful instrumentation including horns and strings. The cover art is a woven wall hanging that my wife Josie made that is hanging on our lakehouse wall. That sets the tone: Warmth, home, and intimacy. Hope you enjoy!” – Mason Jennings