Is there a future for Soundgarden? Kim Thayil talks about it

Despite Chris Cornell’s tragic loss, the remaining Soundgarden members would like to continue to collaborate together.

Photo: Henry Ruggeri

It was Kim Thayil, in a recent interview with LifeLine, who revealed it: the three surviving members of Soundgarden would like to continue playing together.

I think it’s very likely that Matt and Ben and I will play together. I think we know that the songs that we love, that we did for decades with Soundgarden, if we’re gonna play those songs again or hear those songs when we wanna hear them, at best it’ll be with at least the three of us; that’s the closest we’re gonna get at this point. So I think we’d wanna re-explore that and do that at some time in the future. And I think the three of us have an interest in doing new things. We certainly like working together.

The last time the three were on the same stage was last summer at a Brandi Carlile concert in Seattle where the combo played two Soundgarden classics: Searching with My Good Eye Closed and Black Hole Sun, both recorded in the studio with Carlile herself for a 7 ”released a few months ago.

Despite the respite back to last July of the lawsuit brought by Vicky Cornell, Cornell’s wife, against the three surviving members of the Soundgarden (Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd) concerning unpaid royalties between the two parties, there are still no progress on the band’s latest studio record.

Soundgarden’s posthumous album should contain, among the various unreleased songs, Road Less Traveled, Orphans, At Ophians Door, Cancer, Stone Age Mind, Ahead of the Dog and Merrmas, recorded in embryonic form between 2016 and the beginning of 2017, a few months before the tragic death of Chris Cornell.