EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Richard Stuverud’s new single with Jeff Ament & Kurt Bloch

Listen before anyone else to the new single by Richard Stuverud recorded with Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) & Kurt Bloch (The Fastbacks).

Jeff Ament is one of the two special guests of the new single released by Richard Stuverud, renowned drummer of War Babies and Fastbacks. He has already worked alongside Jeff Ament in all his b-side projects.

Ament played the bass and guitars on both tracks of Stuverud’s new single Looking Back To Look Ahead: on the title track (with The Fastbacks’ Kurt Bloch on lead guitars) and also on the b-side Longing For It. The lead track was recorded by Brett Eliason at Horseback Court @ Missoula, MT, Longing For It was recorded by Bart Thurber @ House of Faith Recording (Oakland, CA).

Richard Stuverud released two amazing solo albums and joined Ament in all his side projects (from Three Fish to Tres Mts.). Last year he also played some shows with Pearl Jam to substitute Matt Cameron who caught COVID-19. We wrote about these concerts in this article.

A few weeks ago, Stuverud recorded with Ament 10 songs in 2 days at the Singing Serpent Studios in San Diego.

For now we don’t know what these songs will be used for: it could be a new solo album by Ament, some demos for the new Pearl Jam album or some other Jeff’s side project. A true mystery, as there are no certain informations about these songs’ purpose.

Looking Back To Look Ahead along with the two Richard Stuverud solo record albums are available here: richardstuverud1.bandcamp.com.

The new Richard Stuverud single is available as an exclusive premiere on our site. Below you can listen both tracks.


UPDATE 03/11/2023

The preview is over, now you can listen the single on Richard Stuverud’s bandcamp.