Jeff Ament presents The Accüsed “Murder in Montana”

The Accüsed’s Murder in Montana is now available on limited vinyl, via Pig Records.

Some of those earlier shows we did were historically noteworthy,” reminisces Tommy Niemeyer, guitarist and founder of the Accüsed. Murder in Missoula LP is 34 minutes of 50-grit sandpaper across your face; it’s rare, unearthed audio documentation with a raw, unedited, genuine appeal. Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament took care of the album production, recorded in 1983.

“The Accüsed were one of my favorite NW hardcore bands and some of my first friends in Seattle. That said, I have no idea what this sounds like as I haven’t ever heard it. ‘Recorded by’ probably means two mics to a cassette recorder. Long live Martha Splatterhead!” – Jeff Diction (AKA Jeff Ament)


The Accüsed
Murder in Montana
Captured Live In Concert May 1, 1983

01 Political Nightmare
02 Gain Green
03 Live Out Own Lives
04 No Reason
05 In A Death Bed
06 Life’s A Waste
07 Get The Hell Out
08 Wake The Fuck Up
09 Undesirables
10 Like You

01 Got In A Blue And White Car
02 Teachers
03 A Child These Days
04 Un-named
05 Tomorrow Belongs To Me
06 Bored Teenager
07 But What About Later
08 Bring The USA
09 Reality
10 I’m A Mistake

Bass – Chibon ‘Chewy’ Batterman
Drums – Dana Collins
Lead Guitar – Tommy Niemeyer
Lead Vocals – John Dahlin