Eddie Vedder talks about Sean Penn’s new movie soundtrack and virtual Ohana Fest

Yesterday, Eddie Vedder has been interviewed during a live broadcast on Pearl Jam Radio. He gave some news about the soundtrack he wrote for the upcoming Sean Penn movie, about the chance of setting up a virtual Ohana festival and a lot more.

Foto: Giuseppe Maffia

Yesterday evening, the Pearl Jam singer, who recently opened his official Instagram account sharing important informations about how to vote by mail, has been a guest of Pearl Jam radio on SiriusXM.

Right at the beginning of the interview, Eddie quoted a famous Tom Waits sentence (“New York is like a ship. It’s like a ship full of rats, and the water’s on fire“) taken from an interview titled Tom Waits for No Man, published on Spin in 1985.

During the interview with Rob Bleetstein, Eddie talked about the creative process that led to Seven O’ Clock, he said it felt like being in front of a blank canvas and finding all the right colors; of the tour, postponed just a few weeks before its start, admitting it felt brutal, much worse than everyone thought at the beginning, and about the importance of going to vote for the next presidential elections.

Eddie also answered some fans questions. Here’s what he said:

– The soundtrackfor the new Sean Penn movie (titled Flag Day) has been written and recorded together with Glen Hansard and Cat Power and should be out in 2021,

– Eddie talked about his love for the Ohana festival and he revealed that the has been thinking about realizing a virtual version of it this year, while we wait for the 2021 edition,

– During quarantine he didn’t read any book but tried to stay informed about what was happening in the world and also followed his daughters homeschooling,

– Eddie remembered some of the most iconic Pearl Jam shows (like the one at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston in 1994, played a few days after Kurt Cobain’s death, the two shows played the following year at Red Rocks and the one played at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco in 1995, “the worst day of my life” he affirmed). Vedder also talked about the concert played at The House Of Blues in Chicago in 2005, about how crazy it has been watching Robert Plant play his guitar and about the excitement of hearing for the first time Fool In The Rain, a song Led Zeppelin had never played live before.

– Answering a phone call by a fan, Eddie revealed how the day after the Apollo Theater shows in New York, that should have been happening last March, he was supposed to be interviewed by Howard Stern.

– One of his favorite songs of the new Pearl Jam album is Buckle Up. Talking about the author, Stone Gossard, Ed added how honored he his to be witnessing such a long time friendship, almost 40 years, between Stone and Jeff Ament.