Brad’s unreleased album to be published on Stone Gossard’s label in the near future

A collections of previously unreleased Brad songs and and a unreleased record by an early band off Duff McKagan are set to be released in the near future on Loosegroove Records.

Photo: Luca Villa/Henry Ruggeri

There’s Brad songs, for sureStone Gossard says to Kerrang. “I think we have a record but Regan Hagar, Keithe Lowe and I have to go back in and make the right choices about presenting that record in a way that makes the most sense. There’s lots of Shawn solo stuff. There are some Shawn Smith songs that are beautiful that haven’t been heard yet. It’s going to take a little bit of time to get through that stuff and figure it out and make sure it’s right. So that’s the plan. There are songs; we’re going to put them out at some point. And I think it’s a record.

Stone is also going to be unleashing an unreleased album (The Living‘s 1982) by an early band of Duff McKagan, the Guns N’ Roses bassist, on Loosegroove Records, the record company owned by Pearl Jam guitarist & Regan Hagar, that went back to work after 20 years of inactivity.