Were Biffy Clyro inspired by Pearl Jam? Of course, according to Ben Johnston

During a recent interview to Biffy Clyro, the drummer Ben Johnston talked about the huge influence Pearl Jam had on his band.

Photo: Carlo Vergani

During a recent interview with rockol.it, Ben Johnston referred to Pearl Jam as one of the bands that inspired Biffy Clyro to be a rock band up to nowadays.

The drummer said that a lot of bands have influence on them and on the way they see themselves as a band. Pearl Jam have been doing that since forever. He kept on saying that they were very lucky to see Pearl Jam perform live lately in a festival. They keep on pushing their limits and keep on publishing records that always sound different and new. “We are inspired by bands like Pearl Jam that keep on evolving, reinventing themselves and pushing beyond their limits and balance”.

Below you can listen a cover of Daughter recorded in 2008 by Biffy Clyro.