Stone Gossard about the new Pearl Jam album: ”The plan is that we’re going…”

In an interview with WRIF, Stone Gossard said that Pearl Jam are taking a break after the 2022 tour but they will keep on working on their new album, the 12th of their career, at the beginning of 2023.

Pearl Jam | Imola ’22 | Photo: Henry Ruggeri

According to the guitarist of the band, there are many songs that are almost finished and others that still need a bit of work. The way they have been working in the latest years is that every member of the band contributes with some songs that are eventually elaborated by the band as a whole.

Gossard also added that it would be surprising if the album came out before 2024 and that they will almost surely tour in that year to promote the new songs.

The plan is that we’re gonna do some more recording, and we’re gonna try to finish a record here pretty soon. There’s songs that are getting close to being done and there’s a bunch that aren’t. And we’re gonna do something here pretty soon. We’ve got demos for days. Everybody writes in the band, so now it’s really just trying to figure out what’s something different for us and what’s something exciting. And we’re working on that. I think we’ve got a good start on another record that will be hopefully good.” – Stone Gossard 

The link to the interview is available below

Stone Gossard also recorded a song with Iggy Pop titled All The Way Down, the song will be published in the new Iguana album, Every Loser, coming out in January 6th for Gold Tooth Music, the new Andrew Watt record label that also produced the record.

To promote the release of Every Loser, Chad Smith and Andrew Watt (who are also members of The Earthlings, Eddie Vedder live band) with Duff McKagan form Guns N’ Roses, will be the Godfather of Punk backing band for some American spring shows.

Below you can listen to the first two singles from Every Loser, the new Iggy Pop album, produced by Andrew Watt.