A new Pearl Jam and Mudhoney supergroup?

Mudhoney’s Steve Turner revealed this possibility in an interview with the Seattle Times while promoting his book Mud Ride: A Messy Trip Through the Grunge Explosion.

Photo: Henry Ruggeri / Carlo Vergani

In an interview with the Seattle Times, Steve Turner, founding member of Mudhoney and Green River talked about the several times they toured with Pearl Jam.

During the same interview he also revealed that in 2018, while Pearl Jam were playing in Seattle and he and Mark Arm performed on stage with them, he was in town to rehearse some material with Stone Gossard and Regan Hagar, Brad and Malfunkshun drummer.

During those days, the unusual trio rehearsed different experimental grooves using synthesizers, a couple of guitars and a drum. Steve affirmed he was eager to continue that experience and give life to some recordings worth publishing.

Steve Turner often worked with Stone Gossard, starting form the early days with the Ducky Boys (a garage band from the early 80’s) to Green River and in many other songs recorded for his solo records (in Searching for Melody, Stone plays the bass in every track) and let’s not forget the legendary demo project (recorded but still unreleased) by Lopes. A band formed by Robb Clarke (RC5, Zipgun and The Burns) at the voice, Steve Turner at the guitar and Stone Gossard at the drum. A band that only was active for a year, 2005.

Well, time will tell. Fingers crossed.