Mike McCready with Angels of Dresden, Stone Gossard for Black Lives Matter

Pearl Jam guitarists can’t stand by and watch. Mike McCready plays in Angels of Dresden’s new single, Stone Gossard is in the front line of #BlackLivesMatter campaign.

Photo: Joyce Davidse

Mike McCready and his guitar join The Criminal, the new track by Angels of Dresden, the band he had already collaborated with for the song Doomsday, in 2014. Both songs are available below.

Meanwhile, Stone Gossard is the protagonist of a new video posted on Pearl Jam’s Instagram channel. After #BlackLivesMatter founding, the guitarist shows the way to reach out to the legislators with the aim of asking them to raise awareness among the police.

Coinciding with the release of the fourth volume of Video Vault series, on pearljam.com you could buy a baseball bat made by Marucci Sports and a 3D viewer with some pictures of the band. However, everything sold out in few days.