Mike McCready: “Pearl Jam’s new album is just about finished”

During an interview with GuitarWorld, Mike opened up about new, interesting details regarding the upcoming Pearl Jam album. He also revealed to be working on a rock opera about the Seattle music scene.

Photo: Michael Ryan Kravetsky

While being interviewed by GuitarWorld, Mike gave interesting updates about the new Pearl Jam album. “It’s just about finished. I think there’s a few tweaks here and there that have to happen, and we’re probably not going to have anything out this year.

The guitar player also added that Andrew Watt brought a breath of fresh air to the band and that it was exactly what they needed.

Regarding the sound of the new record, he said that it definitely has something in common with the first three records of the band but more in terms of energy than the sound itself. He praised Cameron’s work on the new songs, he said that it sounds more like Soundgarden than Pearl Jam.

The guitar player also revealed that the band recorded the whole record without using their own instruments, they used the ones Andrew Watt had in his studio (like a ’64 Gibson SG, a ’65 Telecaster and a ‘59 Les Paul Junior gifted by Ozzy Osbourne). Only Matt Cameron used his own drums.

In the interview, Mike McCready added that he is working on the screenplay of a rock opera about his own experiences in the Seattle music scene. For this project he already wrote 18 songs that he is also going to sing, one of them is Crying Moon, a song dedicated to Chris Cornell that he already performed live this past July before the Rockfords show at the Showbox.

The guitar player still is not sure if this rock opera is going to be put into a record or on stage or both.