Mike McCready performs new song Crying Moon about his dear friend Chris Cornell

Saturday night at The Rockfords show at Showbox Presents, Mike McCready debuted his original song called Crying Moon about his dear friend, Chris Cornell.

I wrote this song for my friend Chris Cornell, the late, great. It’s kinda how I have to process.. A lot of the singers have died in this scene. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I get the drug aspect of it, but it’s such a horrible cliche. But Chris was such a sweetheart to me, he let me play on the Temple record, and that was a huge intro to my new life at the time, and I’ll always love him for that.” – Mike McCready

Fans described Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready as being the most open and vulnerable they’ve ever seen and the song a poignant, raw, emotional tribute to Cornell.

📷: Laura DeMartini Trafton