Mike McCready: Past, Present and Future according to Pearl Jam’s guitarist

Mike McCready was interviewed by many magazines in relation to the release of his Fender guitar replica. He also talked about Pearl Jam, Gigaton, Ten’s thirty years anniversary and much more.

Foto: Joyce Davidse

In the past few days Mike McCready has been interviewed by SPIN and Planet Radio about the release of his 1960 Fender Stratocaster Replica.

Mike revealed that he has been keeping in touch with the band through Zoom calls, and that these calls have been more politics related than music related. During this forced break, the guitarist started thinking about which songs of the new album will be stronger when played live, he started to use GarageBand, worked on a lot of new music and recently sent Matt Cameron a file containing a new song, asking him to add drum parts. He also met Jeff Ament a few weeks ago, for the first time in more than a year. He went on talking about this pandemic and about how it made live music stop, Mike said he is much more worried about small bands, like Black Tones, that he tried to support in many ways, than he is worried about not being able to tour with Gigaton.

Speaking about Ten’s thirtieth anniversary, he said he hopes to meet with the rest of the band, maybe exactly on August 27th which is the day the record came out, because he is tired of playing alone and can’t wait to do it again with other people. He said he hopes they’ll meet again all together, and they will hug each other and will talk about their favorites band like The Clash or The Rolling Stones. He said that the band always thinks about the future, but on occasion of this anniversary they will have to look back at the past and celebrate the honor of having that record published 30 years ago. He then added a fun fact about Ten’s recording, revealing that he played Even Flow’s solo more than 50 times and that he has never been satisfied with the final result, if he could, he would record it again.