Michael Stipe talks about Pearl Jam’s Ten

Michael Stipe shouts out Even Flow by Pearl Jam to Artist Waves.

Foto: Henry Ruggeri

My very first thought was that voice, Eddie’s voice – wow, this is fresh and new, and we hadn’t heard a voice like that since Bad Company Seagull era Paul Rodgers, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Otis Redding – soulful and real, and pushing its upper registers, partly shouted, but really sung and tuneful and powerful. Like a roughed up Neil Diamond or Argent or The Guess Who. It was really ready for radio but rough and real.

Lyrically Even Flow told a story. Songs didn’t much tell stories then, that was fresh and new, and they all looked cool, too. Not retro. Not punk. Just like pacific northwest-something-is-going-on, an attitude that the rest of the country hadn’t picked up on yet. Musically, it was The Feelies, Glenn Branca, and Presence Led Zeppelin. It deeply resonated emotionally, and spearheaded, and helped crystallize an era.” – Michael Stipe

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Tattooed Everything: 30 Years of Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten’


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