Listen to the first EP of P.E.S.T., Jeff Ament’s new side project

Available today the first EP of P.E.S.T., the new hardcore punk side-project by Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam.

P.E.S.T., featuring members of original-era Missoula punk bands includes, on bass, Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam. Dave Parsons of Humpy, Sasshole, the Juveniles and more, handles vocals. On guitar, you have Charlie Beaton, of The Banned, and his VTO bandmate and back-up vocalist Erika Fredrickson. Matt Bainton of Shot Stereo and Voodoo Horseshoes handles the drums.

Interestingly, for this group Jeff Ament is credited as Jeff Diction, the pseudonym he used at the time of Deranged Diction, his first Montana hardcore punk group active in the early ’80s (and briefly reformed in 2009).

Had a real cool time playing these pissed off paeans with my Montana friends. Ha!”  – Jeff Ament

The first EP by P.E.S.T., entitled P.E.S.T.  EP 1, is available on streaming platforms and on 7” at