Jeff Ament & Montana Pool Service featured in the latest issue of Juice Magazine

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Photo: Joyce Davidse

The concept for the name, Montana Pool Service, was sort of an homage to IPS, Wally’s deal. It started off with stickers and stuff. Simultaneously, I was getting involved with getting skateparks built in Montana… It goes all the way back to helping get a park built in the Seattle Center 25 years ago when I took some of my philanthropic funds from Pearl Jam and we gave them $50,000. We used to give all of the money from our home shows to local organizations. That was the beginning of MPS… From the very beginning, punk rock and skateboarding, have been one and the same. When I moved to Seattle, at least half the kids I knew that played in bands skateboarded. Even going back to the guys I skated with in Montana, all those guys ended up playing in bands… If you really allow yourself to feel the music or to feel what’s it’s like to ride a wave or be in the ocean or on a skateboard and carve a ten-foot wall or pull a trick or whatever, it’s all that same amount of aliveness. You feel it.” – Jeff Ament

[Juice Magazine #77 interview by Jim “Murf” Murphy]