Karrie Keyes about Pearl Jam postponed tour

Karrie Keyes sound technician speaks about the Pearl Jam postponed tour.

Foto: Alessandro De Vito

When people started worrying about COVID-19 in February, I was in Seattle doing rehearsals for the upcoming Pearl Jam tour. At that point, we were wondering, “What are the chances of us postponing?” Then there was an outbreak in Seattle and we postponed the tour on March 9th. When Coachella was canceled, I knew the industry was in hot water. By the end of the next week, pretty much anybody that worked in live events was unemployed.

At that point, we hoped Pearl Jam would still be able to go to Europe in June. Every day since, things have gotten worse. There are not going to be huge stadium shows any time soon; I don’t know how we’re going to tour. How do you route a tour around a city that’s on lockdown? So, it’s going to change. And, at this point, I don’t think anybody knows realistically how it’s going to change.

Karrie Keyes

Source: rollingstone.com