Josh Klinghoffer live with Iggy Pop (and more Eddie Vedder’s Earthlings members)

Jeff Ament talked about one of his favorite writers Russell Banks on his Instagram. Josh Klinghoffer performed live last January 9th as guitar player of the new Iggy Pop band.

After being fired by Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2019, Josh Klinghoffer published three excellent solo albums (under the pseudonym of Pluralone), reinterpreted the Merkin Ball EP and eventually in 2021 became Pearl Jam touring member and Eddie Vedder’s Earthlings founding member.

After some tour dates with Jane’s Addiction, now Klinghoffer is (also) part of The Losers, the band Iggy Pop formed to bring on tour his new album, Every Loser, published on January 6th for Gold Tooth Records, the new record company created by Andrew Watt. The Losers are formed by Guns N’ Roses Duff McKagan and more musicians form the Earthlings (Eddie Vedder’s live band) like Andrew Watt playing guitars and Chad Smith from RHCP playing drums.

Iggy Pop and The Losers will be playing some tour dates in the USA in April and will probably perform during the summer in some European festival.

The new Iggy Pop album, titled Every Loser, was produced by Andrew Watt, who also produced Eddie Vedder’s Earthling and will be involved in the next Pearl Jam studio album production. Besides Klinghoffer, Every Loser, features also Stone Gossard playing the guitar in the punk rock song All The Way Down.

Here’s the link to the song Frenzy, played at the Jimmy Kimmel Live by Iggy Pop and his band The Losers.