Jeff Ament puts the brakes on Pearl Jam’s new album: “It’s not finished, we’re only halfway through”

When it seemed that Pearl Jam had completed their new album, Jeff Ament arrived to update on the real status of the group’s new record, which will not be released so soon…

Interviewed on the Trail 1033 radio podcast about the new Clinton Skate Park Project opening this year, Jeff Ament said something about Pearl Jam’s new album that might leave some fans unhappy.

Contrary to what Stone Gossard reported just a few days ago (“Pearl Jam’s new album is getting close to the finish line”), the bassist instead reported that according to him it was premature for Gossard to go so far.

“I’m glad Stone is excited for it, but I’m still not sure” revealed the bassist. According to Jeff Ament at the moment Pearl Jam are only “half” of the new album and although the material created so far is quite good, he is not yet sure about the songs that will become part of their twelfth studio album, which the bassist has also been working on in recent weeks by going to producer Andrew Watt’s Los Angeles studios.

When we complete the new album, it will be about six or seven months before it can come out” Ament reported, adding that it will not be released until the summer or fall of 2024.