Stone Gossard just confirmed Pearl Jam’s new album is nearly done

It looks like Pearl Jam are getting closer to finishing up their next full-length album.

Photo: Danny Clinch

While chatting with Kyle Meredith, Stone Gossard talked about the recordings of the latest Brad album In The Moment that You’re Born and about the thirty years anniversary of their debut album, Shame. He also compared the different recording experiences of Ten, that had been much harder, to the Temple Of The Dog album that was instead the easiest and more direct album ever, said the guitarist.

During the interview, Stone talked about Loosegrove Records and the new records the company will release soon (like a reprint of Bayleaf, his solo debut album that came out in 2001), about Vs. still being his favorite Pearl Jam album and about his recent favorite bands like Bad Nerves.

About the new Pearl Jam album, Stone revealed it is very near the finish line, and about to be completed. They have been recording for the whole past year, taking often breaks and coming back to work on it. He said it is going to be a good one

Stone also talked about the new Pearl Jam’s producer, Andy Watt. He said Andy is a great pop producer and a very fun guy, he also added he’s “the most hardcore Pearl Jam fan you’ll ever meet. He can play all of our songs, and all of Soundgarden’s songs back at us — better than we can play them…”.

It’s been such a joy to make a record with him” Gossard added. “He’s energizing us.”. Kyle asked him if that energy means the new record will sound more like the early Pearl Jam albums, Gossard answered “You’ll have to be the judge of that, the energy [Watt]’s looking for… he’s a fan club member, he’s seen the band 50 times. But he is also a top flight pop producer.” Watt also produced stars as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez but Stone added he thinks he loves more pop music than Andy does, and added “You’ll understand when you’ll listen to the new record”.

The two continued talking about Yield 25th anniversary and Gossard remarked how Jack Irons was crucial for that album (“A great human being and a great musician“) and also the important role Brendan O’Brien had as their producer (“He was so important and after 25 years I wouldn’t change anything in that album“).

About the Yield unreleased tracks, Stone said there aren’t many but there are instead a lot of songs they never published since the beginning of their career and that he wish they would be published in a possible Lost Dogs II, so that people will ask them: “How could you not release that song? It’s my favorite ever!” he added smiling.

Lately, during an interview with their music biographer Jonathan Cohen, Gossard revealed that he hopes to finish the recordings of the new album by the end of the year. He affirmed that by the mixes he heard, it sounds very good and he is very excited about it.
In conclusion Gossard said that Pearl Jam will play some shows in the USA during August and September of this year but that they will be back in 2024 with many more shows.