Dark Matter, everything we know about Pearl Jam’s new single

A very “dark” newsletter and more that happened in the last few days: everything we know about Dark Matter.

Foto: Michael Ryan Kravetsky

It all started on Friday, February 9, when Pearl Jam shared a 25-second video on their social media with a selection of tweets (including ours!) from fans commenting on the excitement for the band’s upcoming new music.

The next day, February 10, Ten Club members received the usual monthly newsletter.

This time, however, it wasn’t so usual: the mail was totally black except for the header, with hidden links inside that led to a pre-save of the new album on Spotify and Apple Music. “Pre-save” means that when something is released, it’s directly loaded into the music library of your account on your chosen streaming service.

DARK MATTER. The mysterious stuff that fills the universe but no one has ever seen.

But there’s more: in the early hours of February 11, a 30-second instrumental snippet of the first single from the new album appeared on Pearl Jam’s Wikipedia entry. The file was uploaded by Republic Records, the label that also distributed Lightning Bolt and Gigaton.

Meanwhile, a second snippet of the song also appeared on the web, shared and later removed by Live Nation Australia on their YouTube channel. Vocals from Eddie Vedder could be briefly heard in this snippet.

Pearl Jam’s new single, Dark Matter, which is also the title of the upcoming album, will be released at 06:00 CET on Tuesday, 13 February.

Through a series of videos filmed at Bondi Beach and shared on their social media, Live Nation Australia has indirectly confirmed a rumor that has been circulating for some time: on February 13 the band will also announce their 2024 world tour, which should see them tour across three continents: America, Europe and Australia.

Pearl Jam’s new album, titled Dark Matter and produced by Andrew Watt, is expected to be released on April 19 or 26, with a special vinyl edition to be released for Record Store Day 2024, which will be take place on April 20.