Pearl Jam: Dark Matter is available everywhere now (Info & Lyrics)

Pearl Jam‘s new album Dark Matter is now available everywhere!

Photo: Danny Clinch

Everything you need to know about Dark Matter is here, the lyrics of all songs are available here.

I think the main request we have of you – not that we’re in that position, but if we were, to ask anything – I would recommend you play it loud, like, really loud.” – Eddie Vedder, on how to properly listen to Dark Matter. (Via Alt 98.7)

We’re proud of our twelfth baby after 33 years. So, sit back, close your eyes for the first listen, soak up the sounds and the words, and interpret them individually.” – Jeff Ament, advice on listening to Dark Matter for the first time.

This one, we’re all in the room at the same time, with Andrew, and we’re all looking at each other, playing off of each other.” – Mike McCready, on the band’s recording process for Dark Matter. (Via Goldmine)

It’s still making art with your friends. That always excites me. In that collaboration and the mix of being part of something that you’re not really in control of but you know that you’re playing a role in it, that’s a fun place to play. And it’s still fun to play, like a kid.” – Stone Gossard, on band collaboration. (Via Seattle Times)

I’m really glad that was the idea behind it. You know, just picking the best stuff and making sure the performances were great.” – Matt Cameron, on keeping Dark Matter compact at 11 tracks. (Via New & Approved)

Stream Pearl Jam’s new album below.