Jeff Ament among politics, skate parks and DH Lawrence

Jeff Ament is politically and socially very committed, especially through his skate park organization.

Jeff & Matt live in Imola, IT – Photo: Henry Ruggeri

On November 2nd Jeff Ament took part to a special radio broadcast on Sirius XM Pearl Jam Radio with Jennifer Palmieri and Beto O’ Rourke to talk about the imminent midterm elections in the US

In recent days he showed up at two skate parks inaugurations in Lodge Grass and Hardin, Montana. They were both built with the help of his organization: Montana Pool Service. He also took a tour in New Mexico, where he had a picture taken nearby a plaque remembering David Herbert Lawrence. He wrote on his Instagram: “DH Lawrence hit me hard after I saw Priest Of Love and later Ken Russell’s fantastic take on The Rainbow. Check his beautiful poem Ship of Death. He was also a great painter”.

Matt Cameron recently remembered D.H. Peligro on his Instagram, the Dead Kennedys drummer who passed away past October 28th. Eddie Vedder played with The Who at a private event in California

Meanwhile Pearl Jam official page posted on different medias about Indigenous Peoples’ Day, supported Iran women and shared data about their touring carbon footprint, started in 2003.