Gigaton: some curious facts about the Pearl Jam new album

After publishing our first article regarding Gigaton curious facts, we discovered more.

Photo: Henry Ruggeri
  • Only the 12 songs who ended up in the tracklist have been completed and mixed for this album. The band tried some other ideas but none of them brought to a complete song.
  • According to the producer Josh Evans, the main influences from other bands that are present in Gigaton are: The Who, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Genesis and Talking Heads.
  • The four sides of the Gigaton double vinyl have four hidden messages. On side A is etched the sentence: “This one took a while“, on side B we read “Eat your veggies“. The second vinyl features “86-45-2020” on one side and “Is this you?” or “In the midst of the 6th” on the other.
  • Eddie Vedder played all the instruments in the demo versions of both Who Ever Said and Superblood Wolfmoon.
Photo: Andrea Rosate
  • The first song of the Gigaton tracklist wasn’t supposed to be Who Ever Said but Dance Of The Clairvoyants, originated from an idea by Stone Gossard.
  • Alright demo has been recorded in Montana by Jeff Ament, he played all the instruments and sung the lyrics too. Quick Escape bass has been recorded by Jeff in his personal studio.
  • The initial idea of Seven O’Clock is born on the first day of recording for the new album (January 2017). .
  • The picture take by Paul Nicklen and used by the band for their new album cover can be purchased on this site for around 3000$.
  • In the album booklet there is a picture of the band showing an amp with two stickers on it: the Chris Cornell logo and the Roskilde Festival one.