Eddie Vedder in the new Meg Ryan movie?

If you listen carefully to the trailer, the voice of a “character” in the movie What Happens Later may actually be Eddie Vedder.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a HAL 9000 computer. I became operational at the H.A.L. plant in Urbana, Illinois on the 12th of January 1992” – HAL 9000

There are no official news about it, but in the cast of the new Meg Ryan’s movie (her second as director) What Happens Later, the “airport voice” is some Hal Liggett. In this romantic comedy the two main characters, Meg Ryan and David Duchovny, also known for his roles in the X-Files and Californication, are stuck in an airport.

Judging by the trailer below, Hal Liggett might really be the Pearl Jam singer. That is not a random name. Like every hardcore Eddie Vedder fan knows, he likes to use pseudonyms (Wes C. Addle and Jerome Turner are the most known) when making incognito appearances in friends and colleagues projects.

But the real question is: why Hal Liggett?

Hal could be referring to HAL 9000, the onboard computer on the spaceship Discovery One form the Stanley Kubrick movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, which happens to be Eddie Vedder’s favorite movie ever (if you look closer in the picture behind the singer, there is a HAL 9000 replica).

Liggett might come from Clayton E. Liggett, Eddie’s San Dieguito High School drama teacher, to whom he dedicated Long Road, the second track from the EP Merkin Ball.

Below the trailer of What Happens Later.