Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready are working on new music

Pearl Jam singer and guitarist have been interviewed on Sirius XM, here’s what they said.

Photo: Joyce Davidse 

During the interview Mike McCready revealed that he has been working on a lot of new music, and that he recorded some demos he will later submit to the rest of the band. He talked about his favorite venues (The Gorge and the Verona Arena), he admitted being very worried about emerging new bands because it i still impossible for them to perform live. The guitar player, who was live form Seattle, also talked about the Jimi Hendrix radio special he was part of and that will be aired on SiriusXM.

Eddie Vedder was live on the phone from Hawaii. He said he has been writing a lot of new music too. He said he misses Mike a lot and can’t wait to see him again.

They also talked about the new Video Vault (the show recorded in Seattle on August 10th 2018, available on nugs.tv), of the many special guests of the evening (Brandi Carlile, some members of Mudhoney and Soundgarden) and how important it felt to donate almost all the proceeds from those shows to charities that help homeless people in the Seattle Area.

Eddie Vedder will be part of the virtual show dedicated to the Tibet House, organized by Philip Glass. He affirmed that Koyaanisqatsi (directed by Godfrey Reggio and featuring music by Glass himself) is one of his favorite movies and Laurie Anderson, who will be part of the same event, is one the artists he loves most. Eddie talked about his favorite singers and bands, from Sonic Youth to Pixies, he praised the new Bruce Springsteen album (Letter To You) and remembered dueting with the Boss in Australia in 2014.

It was inevitable for them to also talk about Gigaton and the songs of the album. Mike McCready said that his favorite is Alright, Eddie instead loves the whole record without a favorite one, he also said that even if Seven O’ Clock is (also) about Trump, it will be still played live.

Both of them confirmed having rehearsed all the twelve songs for the 2020 canceled tour. Vedder has been asked if there will be a chance to listen to the new songs for the first time during a Pearl Jam live streaming, he answered that in the last year he saw some amazing live streamings but that it would be unfair to the new Gigaton songs and to the fans to perform them for the first time in a livestream. He added maybe it would be possible to play them in an intimate venue for a smaller audience…when it will be finally safe to perform again.