Andy Wood: biography, lyric book and Malfunkshun – The Andrew Wood Story in 4K coming soon

The work of Andy Wood, the lead singer of Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone, is being celebrated with two books and a new 4K version of the documentary Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story.

Photo: Lance Mercer

Almost 32 years after his death, the memory of Andy Wood is more alive than ever.

The standard edition (available on Amazon) and the limited edition of 333 copies (just as he would have liked) of Landrew’s Lovenotes, a collection of edited and unpublished texts by Andy Wood, are available from today.

In March will be also released Man of Golden Words, the first biography dedicated to the voice of Mother Love Bone written by Scot Barbour, the author of Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story, a documentary that will soon be available in a new 4K version with several unreleased scenes added to the original editing of 2011.

It doesn’t end there. It is online from January 8, 2022, the day Wood would have turned 56, the site all dedicated to the work of the never forgotten singer containing a lot of valuable material for all fans of the artist.

From the records Melodies & Dreams (Wood’s posthumous solo album released in 2011) and So Shall It Be (a rare compilation with several unreleased demos of Landrew – Andy’s stage name) up to 3 Power (compilation of unreleased demos of Wood’s first band), Return to Olympus (Malfunkshun‘s record, released in 1995 by Loosegroove Records) and the unreleased live of the group recorded in 1986 for the launch party of the historic compilation Deep Six.

On the website you can also find a lot of unreleased material of Mother Love Bone including rare video clips, an interactive tour of the tour of Shine and several audio compilations such as Apple Seeds (with several outtakes) and Of The Earth As It Is: The B-Sides/Rarities Collection as well as a live recorded during the tour in support of the release of Shine.

Our advice is to visit carefully both the website and the related YouTube channel.