A new Neil Young tribute album by Scott McCaughey with Mike McCready

NEIL (Vol. 2): Welcome To My Dream World, a tribute to Neil Young recorded by Scott McCaughey and Mike McCready, is out today.

Photo: Francesco Chetta

NEIL (Vol. 2): Welcome To My Dream World is available for streaming and purchase on bandcamp.com, the tribute to the Loner has been recorded by Scott McCaughey with the pseudonym of Scott The Hoople. Mike McCready plays the guitar in all the songs.

Scott McCaughey was in many bands as Young Fresh Fellows, The Minus 5, Baseball Project, The Filthy Friends and has been part of R.E.M. from 1994 to 2011, the year the Athens band broke up. In 2017, Scott had a stroke and lost the ability to talk, sing and play instruments. As part of his rehabilitation he decided to try to remember the music he loved most during the last fifty years.

These tributes to Neil Young comes from that desire. He started to work on the first one at the beginning of 2020 and released the first volume, NEIL (VOL. 1), back in 2020.

You can listen and purchase NEIL (Vol. 2): Welcome To My Dream World on bandcamp.com.