The Rockfords live reunion (and vinyl reissues)

The Rockfords will reissue their 2000 self-titled debut full-length album, along with their 2003 EP Waiting, on vinyl for the first time on April 22nd, as part of the 2023 Record Store Day series.

It all started in the early 1980s, when Chris Friel, Rick Friel, Danny Newcomb and Mike MCready tried to find success with their group, Shadow, in the Los Angeles scene. Eventually, they decided to back away and split the group.

Shortly after, McCready would join Pearl Jam, who were still called Mookie Blaylock, while Chris Friel and Danny Newcomb would form Goodness, along with Carrie Akre, Garth Reeves and Fiia McGann. Rick Friel would start performing with Jodie Watts instead.

A few years later, during the 1998 Pearl Jam tour, Goodness were called by the Seattle group to open some of their concerts. At that time, it wasn’t unusual to see McCready play a few songs with the group, strengthening a friendship that still goes on. After the end of the Yield tour, McCready and Danny Newcomb on guitars, Carrie Akre on vocals, Rick Friel on bass and Chris Friel on drums, started recording some demos.

Shortly after, The Rockfords were born (the name is a tribute to The Rockford Files, a series loved by the members of the band). In 1999 they recorded their first album. Produced by John Goodmanson and released by Epic on the first day of February 2000, the group’s debut album, of the same name, consists of 12 songs – including the single Silver Lining – and features the contribution of Nancy Wilson of Heart, on vocals in Riverwide.

A fun fact for Pearl Jam fans: the music of Distress, written by Mike McCready, is the same as Falling Down, one of the most loved outtakes by PJ hardcore fans.

After a few concerts in the Seattle area between 2000 and 2003, the Rockfords first released a live record – Live Seattle, WA 12/13/03 – and, the following year, a 4-song EP entitled Waiting.

Last year, The Rockfords released their debut album on all digital platforms for the very first time since the release of the album.

To help celebrate these vinyl reissues, the band will take the stage for the first time in ten years and play live at Seattle’s Easy Street Records on April 22nd, 2023.

Below you can watch Silver Lining official video, edited by Luca Villa from