Pearl Jam Online Livestream with The Copper Trees from the London Bridge Studio in Seattle

Friday October 16th, at 2pm PST/11pm CET, we will broadcast a special performance of The Copper Trees, the new group formed by Kate Neckel (New York artist who collaborated with Mike McCready) with Eric Lilavois, producer and owner of the historic London Bridge Studio in Seattle.

Photo: Ryan Cory

During the livestream, The Copper Trees will also play a couple of live tracks from the legendary London Bridge Studio, the studios where some of the most iconic 90’s album were recorded, like Apple by Mother Love Bone, some Alice In Chains’ albums, Pearl Jam’s Ten, Louder Than Love by Soundgarden and Temple Of The Dog’s eponymous album.

There is more: in the video that we will broadcast on Instagram and YouTube, directed by Ryan Cory (the filmmaker behind Pearl Jam’s Dance Of The Clairvoyants), Eric and Kate will lead us along a tour of the iconic Seattle recording studios.


Below the livestream with The Copper Trees.