Pearl Jam, the band’s social commitment for genetic diseases and the safeguard of the ocean

While waiting to be back on the road at the end of august, Pearl Jam shared some news about the causes they support.

Foto: Henry Ruggeri
  • Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder shared on their social media some important news about the fight against Epidermolysis Bullosa. More info at,
  • The whole band and especially Stone Gossard, expressed concern about the huge impact of salmon industry on the fragile marine ecosystem. Read more at,
  •  Eddie Vedder has also been featured in a video made by the Surfrider Foundation, an organization that protects the ocean, the waves and the beaches worldwide.

Lastly, we invite you to listen to the tribute to Pearl Jam recorded by the bluegrass band Iron Horse, for the series Pickin’on.