Pearl Jam 2022 Euro tour official bootlegs

According to the latest Ten Club newsletter, every show will air on SiriusXM Pearl Jam Radio at 6 PM ET and will replay again at 9 PM ET.

Foto: Mathias Marchioni

Official bootlegs on CD and digital downloads (Mp3, FLAC, etc…) will be available soon after airing in the

Check the schedule below for dates.

Landgraff, Netherlands – July 12th
Berlin, Germany – July 15th
Zurich, Switzerland – July 19th
Imola, Italy – July 22nd
Frankfurt, Germany – July 26th
Werchter, Belgium – July 29th
Stockholm, Sweden – August 2nd
Copenhagen, Denmark – August 5th
London, United Kingdom (Night 1) – August 9th
London, United Kingdon (Night 2) – August 12th
Budapest, Hungary – August 16th
Krakow, Poland – August 19th
Paris, France – August 23rd
Vienna, Austria – August 26th
Prague, Czech Republic – August 30th
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Night 1) – September 2nd
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Night 2) – September 6th