Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard interviewed on SiriusXM

In the past few weeks, Pearl Jam bassist and guitarist were interviewed during a livestream on Pearl Jam Radio, available on SiriusXM.

Photo: Henry Ruggeri

Jeff Ament talked about the making of his recent EP, American Death Squad. The bassist added that in recent months he has recorded almost one song a day and that he has never composed as much as in this lockdown period.

He felt more inspired and on point on the heels of Pearl Jam reharsals that the group were playing in February and March in preparation to the postponed American and European tour due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Stone Gossard revealed interesting anecdotes about Gigaton. To record it, the group created a studio in its reharsal hall in Seattle that could be enjoy again when the band wil be ready to record new material.

Not only, the guitarist confessed to be very satisfied with Josh Evans‘ work in the production and mixing the album. During the interview, Stone revealed that he was influenced by Soundgarden and Chris Cornell to write some Gigaton songs and he also played some of his unreleased instrumental demos.