Interview to Mason Jennings from Painted Shield, the new Stone Gossard’s side-project

The debut album of Painted Shield is available everywhere now on Loosegroove Records. Below you can find our interview with Mason Jennings, the singer of the band.

Hi Mason, it is a pleasure for us to have you and talk about your solo career and also about Painted Shield, the new group formed with Stone Gossard.

Hello, my pleasure.

Let’s start with your solo career began almost 25 years ago. Has this strange time influenced you to write new songs for your new album?

I’ve mostly been working on Painted Shield songs. I Am Your Country was written a few months into the pandemic and is me lyrically reflecting on the current times. We are also already working on new material, which is fun. Otherwise I’ve been painting as another creative outlet…


Painted Shield are Stone Gossard, Mason Jennings, Brittany Davis and Matt Chamberlain. Pearl Jam guitarist wrote the music while Mason Jennings took care of the lyrics. Other artists featured on Painted Shield album include Mike McCready, Jeff Ament, Lonnie Marshall, Josh Freese, Om Johari and Jeff Fielder.