Grunge ‘Zine: Ten Tribute

Celebrate 30 anniversary of releasing Pearl Jam iconic Ten with us.

11 bands from around the world will play the album song by song and in beetwen Grunge ‘Zine’s friends from Pearl Jam community will share their memories about Ten. Event will have premiere on YouTube – Sunday August 29th 5pm (Seattle time).

From USA:
Washed In Black – PJ Tribute 
Ten Band
Unleash The Lion
PJ Tribute Chicago

From Brazil:
Black Circle 
Lost Dogs Pearl Jam Covers 

From UK:

From Peru:
Red Moskito 

From Italy:
The White Tape 

From Australia:

And guests:

Grunge Bible 
Single Podcast Theory 
Live on 4 Legs Pocast 
The Porch Podcast 
The Touring Fan Live 
State of Love & Trust Podcast 
Better Band Podcast 

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The full video is now available on YouTube.