Get It Back, the new Pearl Jam song is now available on streaming

Starting today, Get It Back, the new song by Pearl Jam originally inserted in a compilation promoting vote, is on streaming in all digital platforms.

Get It Back, lyrics and music by Matt Cameron, is available today for purchase at (now available on the downloads page of your membership account if you are a 10C members) and on streaming on all digital music platforms.

In addition to the new Pearl Jam song, a new track by Stone Gossard, called Near, and the first song by Deaf Charlie, the new group formed by Jeff Ament with John Wicks, are now on streaming in all digital platforms.

Deaf Charlie 7” – Something Real w/ Sittin’ round at Home – is available now on

Both songs, as well as Get It Back, were originally released on the pro-vote compilation in Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy: Volume Two.