Ament & Richard Stuverud’s Ten-Tracks-In-Two-Days Project

A few days ago the Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and the drummer Richard Stuverud recorded some new and unreleased material. Deaf Charlie debut album release day is also very near.

In only two days spent at the Singing Serpent Studios in San Diego, Jeff Ament and Richard Stuverud recorded the surprising amount of ten songs, all written by the Pearl Jam bass player.

For now we don’t know what these songs will be used for: it could be a new solo album by Ament, some demos for the new Pearl Jam album or some other Jeff’s side project. A true mystery, as there are no certain informations about these songs’ purpose. After seeing them record those ten songs so fast, the studio sound engineer said he assumed they had been rehearsing them for a while.

Richard Stuverud published two excellent solo albums and joined Ament in all his side projects (from Three Fish to Tres Mts.). Last year he also played some shows with Pearl Jam to substitute Matt Cameron who caught COVID-19. We wrote about these concerts in this article.

Here there is also a very long interview with Richard we made a few years ago.

But there is more! Do you remember Deaf Charlie? Jeff Ament’s side project with John Wicks? In 2020 they published their first single Something Real and a Buzzcocks cover Sitting ‘Round At Home.

Their debut album will be released shortly, we don’t have a date yet but we hope it will be pretty soon. The drummer John Wicks revealed that it sounds like coming from outer space.

Below you can find several shots took during the recording session with Ament and Stuverud. Pictures are courtesy of our friend Riccardo Stuverud.