Yield 25: Given To Fly video in HD

In celebration of the upcoming 25th anniversary of Yield on February 3rd, Pearl Jam shared the HD version of Given To Fly from Single Video Theory.

Ten Club members have exclusive access to a first look at the Given To Fly video live in high-definition in celebration of the upcoming 25th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s fifth studio album Yield. Members can access the video via the Inside section of the video page of pearljam.com.

Released in 1998, Single Video Theory was a documentary by director Mark Pellington that followed the making of Yield.


UPDATE 02/03/2023

The video is now available on Pearl Jam Official You Tube Channel. You can check the vid below.



Single Video Theory is a music documentary directed by Mark Pellington that follows the making of Yield, the fifth album by the American alternative rock band Pearl Jam. It was released first on VHS on August 4, 1998, and then on DVD on November 24, 1998.

The film was shot in 16mm film over three days in November 1997 in downtown Seattle. It features interviews with the band members and behind-the-scenes footage of the band’s rehearsal sessions for its shows opening for The Rolling Stones. The term single video theory is a play on the single-bullet theory, involving the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The documentary illustrates how the band began to widen the songwriting responsibilities of its members, with bassist Jeff Ament credited with writing Pilate and  Low Light, and guitarist Mike McCready taking part in writing Given to Fly with vocalist Eddie Vedder. It was the first insight into the band’s inner workings of its recording sessions, which had previously been shielded from the public.

Tracklist | All Those Yesterdays, Faithful, Brain Of J., Given To Fly, No Way, M.F.C., Wishlist, In Hiding, Low Light, Do The Evolution

Source: wikipedia.org