Singles Vol. 2: Blues for a t-shirt (ft. Citizen Dick & Cliff Poncier) now available on vinyl

Mondo, in partnership with Sony Music and Vinyl Films, releases the vinyl of Volume 2 of the soundtrack to Cameron Crowe’s Singles, titled Singles Vol. 2 – Blues for a t-shirt.

A soundtrack so iconic that its legacy continues to this day – this second volume was previously included as a bonus CD only in the 25th anniversary reissue of the album, now available on Vinyl for the first time. Featuring original and rarely heard recordings by Chris Cornell, Alice in Chains, Paul Westerberg, Mike McCready and of course… Citizen Dick’s infamous track Touch Me, I’m Dick (a fictional band created for the film featuring frontman Matt Dillon backed by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament).

This album features live recordings, score tracks, as well as recordings of Chris Cornell (performing as Matt Dylon’s character Cliff Poncier) including an early recording of Spoonman. Featuring liner notes by Writer and Director Cameron Crowe, and a screenprinted Citizen Dick flyer, this release is just as essential as the first volume.

Singles Vol. 2 – Blues for a t-shirt tracklist:

1. Touch Me I’m Dick – Citizen Dick
2. Nowhere But You – Chris Cornell (Poncier)
3. Spoon Man – Chris Cornell (Poncier)
4. Flutter Girl – Chris Cornell (Poncier)
5. Missing – Chris Cornell (Poncier)
6. Would? (live) – Alice In Chains
7. It Ain’t Like That (live) – Alice In Chains
8. Birth Ritual (live) – Soundgarden
9. Dyslexic Heart (acoustic) – Paul Westerberg
10. Waiting For Somebody (score acoustic) – Paul Westerberg
11. Overblown (demo) – Mudhoney
12. Heart and Lungs – Truly
13. Six Foot Under – Blood Circus
14. Singles Blues 1 – Mike McCready
15. Blue Heart – Paul Westerberg
16. Lost In Emily’s Words – Paul Westerberg
17. Ferry Boat #3 – Chris Cornell
18. Score Piece #4 – Chris Cornell

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