Pearl Jam at the 2024 Clio Music Awards

Pearl Jam and Ozzy Osbourne will be honored at the 2024 Clio Music Awards.

Pearl Jam are set to receive the 2024 Clio Impact Awards which celebrates the band’s “diverse creative pursuits, building an enduring and inspiring connection to their fans.” Clio Impact Awards will also honor their philanthropic work through their Vitalogy Foundation. The band is being recognized for their creativity when it comes to tour posters, creating unique posters for each show they play.

The 2024 Clio Music Awards will take place January 31 in Los Angeles. Tickets to the event are now available here:

The Clio Entertainment Impact Award is bestowed on an individual or organization that is working to make an impact on the community by channeling their originality in new ways that simultaneously move their industry forward and bring about social change.

UPDATE (02/01/24) 

Below you can watch the video of Jeff Ament‘s speech after receiving the award.